Going HCP-centric. Understand your Prescribers' Journey and leverage service digitally.

We think, ideate, manage, guide, and support you in order to build a circle of expertise—from strategy to setup, from implementation to analytics. Xircles runs the service and supports you for a seamless experience from day one.

Determine strategy

Determine strategy

Understanding your business goals and Prescribers' Journeys is the foundation of our approach:

  • Evaluate the current engagement strategy
  • Review the prescription process from the HCP' perspective
  • Derive a strategy of digital service and engagement

We start with a joint ideation process and co-create a digital strategy and tactics. We develop project ideas and adapt our best practices to your goals.

At the very beginning we run an assessment of current tools and processes so that we can set Xircles up according to your needs—compliance and pharmacovigilance alignment included.

Community building & content co-creating

According to the strategy, we set up digital engagement projects:

  • Smart screening/survey to build a base community
  • FAQ generation to create relevant content
  • Onboard experts for consultations

The Xircles team acts as the project owner and guides your team through the whole process—from ideation to rollout. We provide in-depth research and data mining, content creation, process management, and prescriber support.


Launch your very own treatment assistant

Reach HCPs in various ways to provide convenient access:

  • Web destination to connect multichannel campaigns
  • Service widget on your brand website
  • Smartphone apps to build strong relationships

Launch a continuously improving digital service platform to support HCPs in mastering the application of your product. Establish a sustainable digital channel for the broad commercialization of your product. Build a digital ecosystem for your brand.

Continuous service improvement and education

Gather deep analytics and insights according to KPIs and your strategy:

  • Understand everyday challenges
  • Identify and close gaps in knowledge
  • Create efficient and targeted education

We help you to derive actions from this information and implement them via new projects or individual adaptions. This is how we co-create your circle of expertise.


From pre-launch to launch to product maturity, establish a better way to support, engage and retain HCPs.

Guido Axmann

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Guido Axmann

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