An innovative web destination: intuitive and with a human touch.

Xircles opens the door to HCPs with valuable information and
a seamless service on demand. Xircles helps to interact in
a more personal and meaningful way.

Knowledge Bot

Instantly providing high-quality answers to frequently asked questions.

The knowledge bot allows HCPs to get valuable support in various ways, from asking questions to accessing video content or scheduling a meeting with an expert. Based on smart technologies, Xircles provides meaningful answers and content in an instant.

Human takeover

Human takeover

Smart routing of questions to internal experts (sales, med-info, medical affairs).

With a human-supported chatbot, Xircles provides an intelligent interface that combines the computing power of artificial intelligence with natural human kindness, consideration, and contextual awareness.

External expertise

Providing a transparent and convenient service to support treatment decisions.

Increased customer satisfaction and efficiencies backed by a modern service setup that facilitates smart knowledge, smart routing of requests, and direct access to external experts. Putting treatment assistance at the fingertips of HCPs around the world.

External expertise

One system – different access points.

Your Xircles web destination is platform independent. It works equally well on desktops, smartphones, and even as a service widget.

Web destination for
mobile and desktop
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Service widget
on existing websites
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Xircles Web Destination

How does it work?

Xircles is a managed software service that combines state-of-the-art technology and solid industry expertise.

Process visual

Xircles smart routing and continuous status reporting keeps HCPs informed at every step.

Easy integration within your infrastructure

Xircles is designed to

  • Connect existing platforms – not to replace them;
  • Sync interactions to CRM systems;
  • Remove barriers and enable secure access to educational platforms and expert portals via single sign-on;
  • Connect multi-channel campaigns to engage HCPs
Integration visual

Get HCP-centric, master digital service and engagement, improve patient outcomes and foster  medical success.

Establish a sustainable digital channel for physicians. Stay in touch with HCPs.
Learn with deep analytics about the needs of HCPs and improve your service.
Improve customer loyalty with a seamless, state-of-the-art digital service.
Strengthen your brand awareness by taking it beyond the product.

We're proud to collaborate with first project partners.

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Start building your very own treatment assistant to enable physicians and enhance patient outcomes.

Guido Axmann

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Guido Axmann • Chief Executive Officer