We co-create your digital engagement ecosystem — from strategy to the set-up, from implementation to analytics. Xircles co-creates with you a seamless customer experience from day one.
Reinventing Customer Engagement
Unclutter the existing channels and tools, understand the needs of your stakeholders and build ecosystems. Peer-to-peer, with experts and key opinion leaders.

Engagement X Workshop

  • How’s your engagement excellence?
  • Assessment of your HCP and patient journey, touchpoints and channels.
  • Reinforcement of profiling, segmentation and targeting.

Deliverable: Stakeholder engagement canvas and actions towards field force excellence

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Evaluation Study with KOL

  • Do you really know your customer?
  • Prioritization of key opinion leaders, rising stars, and early adopters.
  • Sound understanding of their therapeutic beliefs and personal engagement preferences.

Deliverable: Key target mapping, selection of strategic medical partners (pre- and post launch)

Intent Training (FAQ and Utterances)

  • Do you know the real-world questions?
  • Compilation of HCP’s and patients’ FAQ on your drug.
  • Structuring of regional differences, support wishes as well as educational needs.

Deliverable: Customer generated content, natural language training of your Xircles assistant

Content Integration and Process Alignment

  • How to upgrade your service quality?
  • Improvement of response time, personalized educational content, SEO and platform congruence in your engagement process.

Deliverable: Integrated, dynamic, personalized content implementation roadmap

Expand the community

Use the data gained to turn your customers into brand ambassadors and improve the customer experience. Create a premium digital closed-loop customer experience.

Continuous improvement

Gain deeper insights through behavioural analytics, powerful language processing and predictive intelligence. Build your content strategy and engagement plan on real data and customer insights.

From pre-launch to launch to product maturity, establish a better way to engage with your customers.

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